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Virtual Tour faqs

Below you'll find a number of frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for please do get in touch.

What is a virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a 360 degree view of any interior or exterior space. Imagine standing in a room, and being able to look all around you: infront, behind, to the left, right, up and down. Multiple virtual tours can be presented together to allow navigation between multiple locations within a location.
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What are virtual tours used for?

Virtual tours can be highly effective as a marketing medium for a wide variety of applications: Residential and commercial property, museums, galleries, hotels, tourism, vehicles are to name but a few. See our virtual tours portfolio for an overview of applications.
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What technology is used?

Our virtual tours are based in Flash. It handles tours extremely well, and is installed on the vast majority of computers around the world.
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What is HDR?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique we use for making sure your virtual tours are a true representation of your environment. We take multiple exposures for each image, and using specialised software, blend each image set together to create an evenly balanced image.
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How much do they cost?

Every project is bespoke, and every client has different requirements, so pricing tends to be on a per project basis. However as a rough guide, virtual tours can start at as little as £200. To discuss your requirements please call us on 0161 408 0070.
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What kind of computer do my visitors need to view virtual tours?

Our virtual tours are compatible with both macs and PCs.
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Where are you based and will you travel?

We are based in Manchester, within easy access of most parts of the UK. Travel to locations within the UK is free of charge. Outside of the UK, reasonable travel expenses apply. All expenses are agreed upfront.
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What kind of hosting is required for my virtual tour?

Your virtual tours do not require any special hosting package. They will run on practically any web server. Having said that if you'd like us to host them for you, thats no problem either.
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Can I call you for a consultation?

Of course! Call us on 0161 408 0070 or email us today to discuss your requirements.
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