Vehicle Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Options

Below you'll find a list of options that are available with our virtual tours. Combining a few of these options really can make your virtual tour come to life! The technology used behind our tours is very flexible, and we are always interested in developing new ideas: so please get in touch if there's a bespoke item you have in mind, or an idea you would like to discuss.

Interactive Floorplans

An interactive floorplan allows your visitors to move freely from room to room with a real sense of where they are in the environment. It'll even tell them which direction they are looking in! By clicking on hotspots within the floorplan you are able to move directly to the chosen location. Floorplans can be created by us from scratch, or we can use supplied files, or documents.
Virtual tour with an interactive floorplan >>.

Information Hotspots

An info hotspot is an indicator to a visitor of further information about a product or place within the virtual tour. Rollover it to see a summary, and click on it to see more information within in a pop up info box. Info boxes can contain anything from plain text to pictures, and even sound and video.
Virtual tour with Info Spots>>

Navigational Spots

By clicking on a navigational hotspot, its possible to move directly to that point within the virtual tour, loading a new view. These can be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with a floorplan to help your visitors navigate around the tour.
Virtual tour with navigational hotspots>>

Scrolling navigation

Usually used an an alternative to an interactive floorplan, a scrolling navigation is a neat way to deal with a virtual tour that contains multiple views. Thumbnails are presented on the left side of the window, which scroll up and down to reveal further thumbnails.
Virtual tour with a scrolling navigation>>

Thumbnail Navigation

A simple method of dealing with a small number of virtual tours in the same window.
Virtual Tour with thumbnail navigation>>

Music / Audio

Bring your virtual tour to life with a soundtrack, or a voice over. We can supply a range of royalty free soundtrack options, or record a bespoke voiceover for more instructional content.
Virtual Tour with soundtrack>>